Races of the Stormlands

Dwarves: Dwarves inhabit the ring of mountains surrounding the Stormlands. For the most part, they are reserved and Xenophobic, though the occassional dwarf gets the urge to explore the worlds outside of their mountains. The Dwarves revere each of the mountains as a god, the first among them being Sivir Kul: The Spear that Pierces the Sky. Dwarves are often treated with suspicion and derision in the Stormlands, unless they make an extreme show of effort to worship the storm gods. Some Temerian Dwarves have made a home in Stormhold, and largely stay within the city.

Elves: The Elves of the Stormlands are the first race to have walked beneath it’s mighty Canopy. The Stormlander elves were granted insight and protection of the Storm God in exchange for his protection.

Gnomes: The majority of gnomes are even more xenophopic than Dwarves, and live within the mountains as the dwarves do. In the Stormlands, the largest group of gnomes reside amongst the Frog clan, and are amongst the best alchemists in the known world.

Half-Elves: Half Elves are a common occurrence in the Stormlands, a product of the bonds between the Native Elves and the Stonevelt humans.

Halfling: Halflings are native to the Golden Valley, which is the only way by land to reach the stormlands aside from trekking over the great ring of mountains that surround it. The Golden Valley Halflings generally worship the community gods of their family, but any who chose to follow the will of the Storm are welcome in the stormlands… if they can survive.

Half-Orc: Most half Orcs born in the stormlands are the bastard children of raiding Orcs. Hardy and obstinate, they tend to thrive in the harsh jungle environment.

Human: The Humans of the Stormlands are descended from the exiled House Stonevelt of the Temerian Kingdom. Rather the perish in the Jungle, Baron Stonevelt and his house made allies with the native Stormlander Elves and integrated into their society. Centuries later, they are among the most populous race in the stormlands (to some of the elves’ dismay). However, they are welcome so long as they continue to venerate the Storm god.


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