Classes in the Stormlands:

Barbarian: The Barbarian class’ mobility and survivability is a major benefit to staying alive in the Stormlands. Hide is a favored armor amongst barbarians, which is easy to come across in the stormlands. Barbarian is the default when a stormlander deviates from his Tribe’s tradition. If a Raptor isn’t responding well to ranger training, for example, he will likely become Barbarian.

Bard: Bards are most popular among the Hummingbird, Orchid, and Stonevelt Tribes, and it is in those tribes that they flourish the most. Bards from other tribes are not unheard of, and they are highly valued due to both their spellcasting abilities, and their affinity for lore.

Cavalier: The Knight orders of Temeria have virtually no presence in the Stormlands, and for good reason. Stormhold has no place to house or breed Horses, and the Feudal norms of Temeria are not custom in the Stormlands as a whole.

Cleric: The occasional cleric can be found in any Tribe, and then they are always Clerics of their Tribal Patron. Clerics of Storm exist, but they reside atop the Spear that Pierces the Sky in a Monastery dedicated to the Storm himself. Not even a Serpent Sorceror would speak ill against a Cleric of Serpent, if he knew what was good for him.

Druid: Significantly more popular than Clerics, Druids of the Stormlands tend to leave their Tribes after their rites of passage to become more in tune with the Jungle itself. No particular clan produces more of them than others, but they are all treated with respect.

Fighter: Heavy armors and steel weapons are not common in the stormlands, nor are they always practical. Because of a fighter’s versatility, however, there are quite a few to be found in the Stormlands. There are not many clans who nuture the discipline and training required to master the technique and the fighting arts, so most fighters are native to Stonehelm and the Stonevelt Tribe.

Inquisitor: The role on Inquisitor in any tribe is to seek out those who have betrayed their tribe or the Storm God. More often than not, it is an appointed position, but sometimes a patron god blesses one of his Tribesmen with the power to seek out those who have wrong him in a time of need.

Monk: Every year, each tribe must declare a one of it’s newborn as a servant of the Storm god. These children are carried to the top of the Spear and trained in a special Monastery alongside the Clerics of the storm. At their coming of age, they return and serve their tribes with the wisdom and power of their Tribal God, or in some cases, of Storm himself.

Oracle: Oracles are viewed with distrust and disgust in general, but few can doubt their powerful and usefulness. Those that survive to make it to adulthood are often placed in advisory positions to their Tribes, but more often than not, they die in their youth, unable to survive the rigors of the stormlands.

Paladin: Temerian Paladins often follow the Gods of the Temerian kingdom fervently, and as such, are not generally welcome in the Stormlands. If they are wise enough to not proselytize or force their faith on others, they may be tolerated, but never truly accepted.

Ranger: Every clan has a need for rangers, but the Raptor has the monopoly, and most who pursue the Ranger class generally join up with the Raptor clan. Rangers excel at hunting and survival, and are skilled at bringing food back to their clans.

Rogue: There are Rogues everywhere. Like the fighter they are extremely versatile, and there is virtually no reason why each clan wouldn’t have some form of rogue among them.

Sorceror: Sorcerers are viewed differently depending on their bloodline. Elemental Bloodlines are viewed with suspicion due to the events of the Planar Wars. Serpent Sorcerers are nobles amongst their tribe. Draconic sorcerers are awed and revered, as the Dragons were believed to have abandoned this world ages ago.

Summoner: Summoners are also viewed with suspicion because of the nature of their summonings. The Stormlands was almost destroyed in the Planar Wars, and were forced to ally themselves with Temeria, who was responsible for their exile in the first place.

Witch: The Elven natives of the Stormlands have practiced witchcraft since long before humans came to the jungle. When they arrived, they shared that practice with the newcomers, and it has greatly spread in popularity.

Wizard: The Wizards in the Stormlands in modern days are all trained in Stormhold. Once their initial training is complete (They gain a class level in wizard), they can choose to abandon the Stonevelt Tribe and petition another Tribe for membership, but a good deal of tribes resent the Stonevelt and make things extremely difficult for them. Other tribes (like the Raptor) have very physical and practical trials that you could succeed at if you play a very specific type of wizard, but it’s mostly not geared towards them. The most Wizard friendly tribes are the Frog, the Monkey, the Orchid (Who’ll take just about anyone), and of course, the Stonevelt


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